Measles: All You Need To Know

Measles virus come from paramyxovirus family and grows faster in cells which are at the backside of throat and lungs. This disease is limited till humans and animals cannot be its victims.

Measles alone is responsible for the death of over 200 million all over the globe in past 150 years. Even today in this time when all necessary vaccines for cure from measles are available at affordable cost, the disease has maintained the title of killing young children most. In 2010 380 people were dying due to measles everyday and 15 deaths due to measles every hour.

Development of Measles inside human body:

As soon as measles virus attacks any person’s body they quickly start multiplying in back throat and lung region. Its growth soon attacks lymphatic system and also urinary tract, blood vessels, eyes and central nervous system. Monkeys are the only animals in which at very least rate measles viruses were found recently and the commonest reason for this was stated as they are ancestors of the human species. According to study measles virus well establish its structure inside the human body within 7-21 days and Measles symptoms start to show from 9-11 days. The study also tells us that a person who was a victim of measles in the past and successfully gets rid of diseases via medicines does not become re-infected again and the chances for such person to get infected again are very less and rare.

Measles: how they spread and why they spread so quickly

The most contagious virus in the world knows how to spread quickly as well. Measles virus as soon as enter a person’s body attacks trachea of its host and provoke it fill with a cough so as soon as person sneezes or spits the air which comes out in process by infected person is full of measles viruses which are ready to capture all persons standing next to infected persons. Despite medicine availability at cheap rates, due to reasons such as late treatment, vaccines not given in time and so on allows this virus to spread all over the body which results an unstoppable death and almost 10 -20 million children’s are still dying because of this virus even after the availability of Measles treatment.

Who are at risk?

Young children’s which are unvaccinated are the one which belongs to most high risked person’s category. Young ones are already on low resistance power and even measles complications can cause them death. Other then children’s persons who either have not consumed vaccines or not recovered 100% from previous infection bear high risk as well. Complications occur during measles and if uninterrupted virus growth continues then these complications can cause serious problems such as blindness, severe diarrhea, encephalitis, ear infection, severe respiratory problem and so on.

People who are able to recover measles once fully get immunity for whole life and there exist very rare chances the cured person will catch infection again. Vaccines of measles are recommended to be strictly consumed under guidance of a doctor if an infected person is a pregnant woman or the one who is going to be pregnant very soon. People who are allergic from antibiotics such as gelatin and neomycin should also consult a doctor. In these conditions, all those people who are either suffering from a disease which affects the immune system or the treatment which weakens the immune system should strictly consult doctor if they get infected and should consume any vaccine according to doctor’s instructions only.


How Important Is Meningitis Treatment

The bacteria or virus which causes inflammation in the brain are the causative agents for meningitis. The disease affects the brain tissues directly causing brain injury or permanent disability or death. This disease is communicable and spreads with sneezing, coughing or kissing. This is generally considered as the medical emergency as it is dreadful disease and causes severe body damage.

The viruses and bacteria present in the aseptic conditions in the environment are generally the causes of the disease. The two main types of the disease are pneumococcal and meningococcal caused either by any virus or bacteria. People suffering with this disease develop further complications and parallel infections within the body. The meningitis symptoms observed in early stages should be diagnosed and corrective treatment for the same should be taken. The causes in infants and children differ than that in young children. The disease is serious and kills the person in hours.

Viral meningitis is common than the bacterial one. In most of the cases it is less debilitating. The exposure to viruses is more common hence is not as severe as bacterial one and makes the disease mild and no symptoms are observed. This type of disease can be fully recovered without any complications.

Symptoms observed in the person suffering from the disease are commonly headaches, vomiting, dizziness and sleepiness. Certain less common symptoms are pain in the joints and swelling in the joints.


As soon as the symptoms are observed the person should go and see a doctor.

Blood testing and imaging- if a person is showing symptoms like headache, sleepiness , blood tests should be done immediately and reports can be taken for diagnosis of the disease. The important blood tissues are analysis of the cerebrospinal fluid.

Lumbar puncture- the other diagnostic test for meningitis is lumbar puncture which is carried out by positioning the patient and taking out the lumbar fluid for further studies. CFS test that is cerebrospinal fluids collected from the spinal cord. The WBC and RBCs are observed in the fluid.

Treatment for meningitis-

As soon as the diagnosis of the disease is done, according to the severity of the disease the meningitis treatment should be started. Meningitis holds potential for direct death in hours. There is high mortality rate for the disease all over the world. Thus wide range of antibiotics and vaccines are developed for the disease. During the diagnosis the course of antibiotics should be started to avoid the threat to the life.

For bacterial meningitis-

Empiric antibiotics are range of medicines which doctor suggests when detected with bacterial infection. This is the immediate meningitis treatment that should be started even before the results of the tests are out. The initial treatment is essential as it makes difference. The other type of meningitis is tuberculosis meningitis which requires prolonged antibiotic treatments.  The treatment is generally treated for six months where as the other one needs one or more year. The antibiotic treatment should be started as soon as possible as the tests take longer time and the time gap may increase the severity of the disease.

Steroids- Adjuvant treatment helps decrease the mortality rate of the disease. Also decreases the neurological damage and severe hearing loss in young adults and adolescents.  The steroids suppress the pain and help overcome the inflammation caused by the disease. These kinds of drugs require prescription from doctors as it may lead to severe damage and fatal side effects.

Acetaminophen is one drug which is used for reducing the measure of fever. To avoid seizures and sleepiness Dilantin and Phenobarbital are used. Oxygen therapy is used for treating troubled breathing. Prevention is better than cure.

Measles Symptoms And Complications

Measles symptoms and signs:

Measles symptoms come into notice after 1 to 2 weeks of infection. In this period of time virus multiplies inside the host body without causing any symptoms. This period is referred as incubation period and after this period symptoms start to appear. Symptoms such as high fever, cough, red eyes, wet runny nose, rashes and so on will soon take over all over the body and for children’s some of these symptoms are irritable.

Two days after symptoms show, spots called koplick spots also develop and cover your body. These spots cover your face, arms, legs and other such organs. Two weeks after spots development you will feel a little itchy mainly due to rashes and the affected areas are mainly face, forehead and behind the ears area. The skin may still remain a little brownish in color and rashes may fade after 5 or more days. Also the skin from affected area might also peel off.  The rash is not so painful and person may experience sensitivity to light. Also with rash, fever stage is next and fever can touch high up to 40 degrees Celsius also.  In rare cases, spots developed and due to rashes, these spots lasts longer till the person dies and will continue even also if the person is fully cured of disease. 4 days before the rash appears and till 5 days if the person is taking vaccines properly, the disease continues to be contagious and it’s recommended for other people to stay away till this period from the infected person.


During measles a person suffers a run of complications for a certain period of time and in 20 cases out of 100, complications arise till death or till lifetime disabilities. The most common complication faced by maximum measles patients is pneumonia, bacterial infection in the lungs and so on. These complications mainly cause due to its much easier for bacteria’s to attack an already infected body and signs showing bacterial infection is a severe cough with yellowish or greenish sputum which are highly dangerous if the doctor’s advice not implemented immediately. Middle ear infection is another most common infection among person suffering with measles. Ear infection is caused mainly due to tissue inflammation. In even more rare cases, about 1 out of 1500 cases, measles is powerful enough to even attack on the brain, causing encephalitis to person. It occurs in later stages of infection. Until today there is no cure for encephalitis but some people in these cases also were able to recover from this complication on their own without any problem while those who were unable were left to face the lifetime seizure problem.

Out of these two possibilities, the third possibility also exists in which the virus remains alive in the brain and awakens years later after the patient’s body is low on resistance and causes re-infection and brain damage as well. This condition in medical terms is stated as subacute sclerosing panencephalitis (SSPE). This is seen very rarely and it occurs in 14 patients out of million. Complications such as hepatitis, appendicitis and other such are also offerings of measles. Heart and kidney problems do exist as measles complications but in rare cases. Pregnant women’s who become victims of measles during pregnancy carry higher risks of miscarriage or birth defects. In order to prevent the body from damages and to remove measles from your body from root measles treatment should be taken as soon as possible. One must diagnose and check timely with a doctor if any of above symptoms come into your notice.